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ORDIT Register

Following discussions between DSA and representatives from the driver training industry it was agreed that both instructors and the public´s best interests would be served by a single Register or Directory of suitably qualified and inspected trainers and establishments.

The ORDIT Register contains a list of establishments set out in post code order, that following inspection, have satisfied the inspection criteria under a voluntary scheme of minimum standards set by the ORDIT management committee.

Those that are seeking ADI training or retraining can approach any of these establishments in confidence that they have reached the standard set down. Nonetheless, inquirers are advised to contact more than one to compare what they have to offer in order to decide which one most suits their needs.

Training establishments wishing to be entered on this register must undergo a thorough inspection every 2 years by a specially trained SE (Supervising Examiner) from the DSA who will then submit a report to the committee.

Manual lessons per hour
1 or 2 Hour Lessons

Structured tuition

Flexibility To Suit You

Flexible pick up / drop off

Block-booking Available

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Pay as you train

Pay in full

We will work at your pace, as quickly or as slowly as you need

Our training course covers all aspects involved when becoming a driving instructor
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6 hours tuition (3x2hr lessons) PLUS

FREE Theory training

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Save £££s on your tuition

Flexible lesson durations

Flexible lesson days and times

Various options available

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