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ADI Training Courses

The DVSA advise careful consideration to any potential driving instructor when choosing an ADI training course. It is in your interest to have answers to the questions below: REMEMBER - IF IN DOUBT GET THE ANSWERS IN WRITING.


How much will it cost? The cost of our training is set out in detail here.

What does it cover? Our training course covers all aspects involved when becoming a driving instructor.

How long will it take to complete? We will work at your pace, as quickly or as slowly as you need.

Does it include books and test fees? A large selection of training materials comprising of books and access to online theory are included. Test fees are not included in the course fee.

Does it address your particular needs? We will endeavour to meet all your training needs and if this was not possible would inform you BEFORE your enrolment on our training course.

Is it a complete course? Yes, it is a complete course.

What extra support will you get if you fail an attempt? We would only recommend you sat an examination if both you and ourselves felt you were ready and had the skills necessary to pass. If a fail did occur in any of the examinations, we would offer further training as required.

What happens if you need more training than is offered? We do not limit the amount of training available to you. Each individual will receive whatever training is necessary.


What teaching method is used? Training for Part 1 is done using our comprehensive Distance Learning pack. This pack comprises of a range of training materials including the official DVSA question bank for the ADI theory test, several official DVSA publications, DVSA recommended publications, DVD material and computer software.

Our Distance Learning pack will guide you through each step to ensure success for Part 1 and you will also be provided with all the support you require via telephone and e-mail.

Parts 2&3 will be done in-car. There will never be more than 2 trainees with the trainer at one time. Training will also be given on a 1 to 1 basis if another trainee is unavailable.


If we felt it was to a trainees advantage to hold a trainee licence we would assist this trainee as much as possible. There is no guarantee however that a licence will be obtained.

If a trainee licence is obtained additional fees will be incurred.


Our course is designed to allow you to complete your training around your current commitments.


Will you get any refund of fees if you are unable to continue with the course at any time? Our refund policy is explained on the costs page.


What happens when you qualify? The choice is yours. We will offer any support and advice you require. We have a number of driving schools in regular contact with ourselves informing us of any openings for ADIs or PDIs. Whether you start up on your own or work under a larger driving school we will be on hand to help.

Manual lessons per hour
1 or 2 Hour Lessons

Structured tuition

Flexibility To Suit You

Flexible pick up / drop off

Block-booking Available

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ADI Training Costs from
Pay as you train

Pay in full

We will work at your pace, as quickly or as slowly as you need

Our training course covers all aspects involved when becoming a driving instructor
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6 hours tuition (3x2hr lessons) PLUS

FREE Theory training

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Block Bookings from
Save £££s on your tuition

Flexible lesson durations

Flexible lesson days and times

Various options available

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